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Email is a really powerful tool which build relationship with customers and generate lots of new business. Our trusted, SMTP service provides easy, reliable delivery for marketing and transactional email applications. If you are sending out more than just personal emails and need to ensure that your emails are delivered to hundreds or thousands of people in your contact lists on a regular basis you need to use an SMTP server.

  • Mass Email Sending

    SMTP server empowers and is necessary for the transfer of the mails.For evaluation of e-mail schedule, requirement as well as regulation of an SMTP server is needed. SMTP Service is an ideal solution for companies that plan to send bulk emails. It is an affordable and cost-effective marketing tool.

  • Reliable Servers

    Improve deliverability with the help of reliable SMTP servers, dedicated IP addresses, and constant message delivery monitoring. Our SMTP service supports a secure SSL connection. Our services include completely white-labelled system , DKIM & SPF management.

  • Detailed Reports

    We offer SMTP server with statistical information you need for analysing your campaigns. our reports show the following information: percentages of opened, click-through rates, and delivery mistakes. Statistics analysis helps you optimize your marketing strategy and improve deliverability.

  • Tracking and Analytics

    While the cost to buy SMTP server space on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis may not be your biggest cost of doing business, it continues to increase as your volume of email increases. You want to make sure that your emails are being delivered and our company allow you to track. You should also be able to find out information on delivery rates and routes. You want a dedicated route for your email when you buy SMTP server space combined with the option to look at the results in real time in easy to read reports.

  • IP Address

    Sometimes when you are a small company and you want to buy SMTP server space you are offered a very low rate based on the number of emails you send. However, with that low rate comes the fact that you are sharing that particular server with a host of other smaller or larger companies. Should one or more of those company's IP addresses be flagged as spamming it could impact your reputation as you are on the same server. The best option to avoid this is to consider going with a dedicated IP address and SMTP server.

  • Customer Support

    Our professional team of specialists is always ready to help you. You can Contact our technical support 24*7 via email, phone or chat - we have a professional team who resolve all your queries about SMTP Server.